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Grass Cutting Weybridge Surrey (KT13): For both commercial and domestic property owners in Weybridge who've got gardens, it is necessary to maintain the lawn or grass by mowing it on a regular basis. While some homeowners opt to take on the task, mowing the lawn is a job that most folks find to be a bothersome chore. If you find the task too difficult, or just lack the time, there is no need to stress as there are professionals who can take care of this job for you. You can engage the assistance of a locally-based grass cutting service to take care of this task.

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Lawn mowing packages to fit pretty much any circumstances or budget are offered by a number of gardeners and grass cutting contractors in Weybridge. These sorts of lawn care plans can range from weekly or monthly cuts to one-off grass cutting services in Weybridge. No longer having to stress about your need for grass cutting is a substantial benefit of booking these lawn mowing services in Weybridge.

Grass Cutting Weybridge Surrey (KT13)

Property owners who live in Lyne, Brooklands, Meadowlands, Whiteley Village, Littleton, Rydens, New Haw, Thorpe, Oatlands Park, St Georges Hill, Oatlands, Longcross, Woodham, Ottershaw, or other places outside Weybridge can also benefit from these lawn care and grass cutting services, and make full use of the convenience they provide.

Having the confidence that your lawn is being well cared for is one of the principal advantages of using a specialist grass cutting service in Weybridge. You may have had the experience of some uninvited person showing up on your doorstep offering to mow your grass - but if you are proud of your lawn, taking them up on that offer is not a good idea.

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So, when you're looking at bringing in a professional grass cutting contractor in Weybridge for regularly mowing your lawn, what exactly are the key benefits? - 1. All the waste and grass cuttings will be disposed of, saving you frequent trips to the council tip. 2. Your grass will always look well-looked-after, acting as a deterrent to intruders who target unkempt homes. 3. It saves you valuable time and enables you to chill out and get on with more interesting activities. 4. It eliminates all the burden, hassle and stress of needing to cut your own grass. 5. The professionals provide all the equipment that's required to do a decent job. 6. It saves you forking out hard-earned cash on expensive fuel, grass cutting tools and mowers. 7. Lawn treatments will be applied when necessary, for instance weed control, scarifying and fertilizers.

Naturally, there are some costs associated with enlisting the services of a professional Weybridge lawn care company, but these are to some extent counterbalanced by the benefits mentioned above. If the cost is a big consideration for you, a bit of investigation might be required in order to locate a decent but reasonably cheap lawn mowing service in Weybridge.

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Dependant upon your specific needs and what sort of state your lawn is in, extra services such as patch repairs, strimming, watering, seeding, top dressing, edging, re-turfing, aeration, feeding and moss removal, are also provided along with grass cutting Weybridge. Weybridge companies offering lawn mowing services are also likely to do digging, leaf clearing, planting, hedge cutting, green waste removal, landscaping, pruning and other sorts of garden maintenance and upkeep.

Your Weybridge grass cutting specialist should also be capable of producing fascinating designs in your lawn by doing the mowing in alternating directions, with checkerboard, spiral or stripey patterns being the result. This is especially desirable if you have a large, open area of grass which is visible from your home or from the road.

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If you are wanting to get the best care possible for your prized lawn, it's sensible to get hold of a few references when you're picking out a contractor to carry out your grass cutting work. Getting positive testimonials from former customers is a good way to accomplish this.

It is generally accepted that householders are more likely to take notice of an endorsement from a friend or family member. Therefore, if you have friends or family who've recently has lawn mowing done, and were pleased with the result you could ask if they're prepared to recommend them. Word of mouth is usually seen as better than commercial advertising and reviews, because it gives a clearer idea of quality, and comes from the mouth of someone that you trust. You should get a list of at least three different tradesmen and get an estimate from each one.

The RHS website is the best place to head if you're intending to look after your own lawn and require expert guidance so as to carry out the job properly. Their dedicated lawn care webpage covers subjects like over-seeding, watering, looking after new lawns, killing moss, feeding, lawn issues, lawn care treatments and mowing.

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It is possible to get grass cutting in Weybridge, in the neighbouring areas of Lyne, Brooklands, Meadowlands, Whiteley Village, Littleton, Rydens, New Haw, Thorpe, Oatlands Park, St Georges Hill, Oatlands, Longcross, Woodham, Ottershaw and in any of these postcodes: KT13 0HN, KT13 0NR, KT13 0PU, KT13 0GL, KT12 4DF, KT13 0AF, KT13 0DB, KT13 0HG, KT13 0AB, KT13 0LQ. Locally based lawn mowing specialists will probably have have the postcode KT13 and the dialling code 01932.

Artificial Grass Weybridge

When choosing an artificial grass for your patio or outdoor area, you'll need to ensure that you find one that is weatherproof and durable. The best synthetic grass will look and feel like real grass without absorbing moisture or fading in direct sunlight. It should also be slip-resistant and durable, so it's perfect for areas where people sit or eat outdoors.

There are numerous types of fake grass available in Weybridge, and each one has its own pros and cons. Nylon-based artificial grass, for example, is resilient and strong. The fibres of this sort of grass won't lose their shape, so it's perfect for areas with high footfall. The strands of nylon-based Astroturf bounce back no matter how many feet trample on it.

So as to correctly install an artificial lawn, you must prepare the ground thoroughly. Before laying the grass, you should dig up the area, remove all roots, vegetation and fertilisers, and make the surface as level as possible. Furthermore, you should locate any sprinklers or electrical installations underneath the artificial grass. It's also advisable to treat the surface to help prevent weeds from growing through it.

Along with domestic lawns, fake grass is popular in sports fields, playgrounds and putting greens. It can be purchased in rolls, rugs or tiles. Compared to genuine grass, synthetic turf is very low-maintenance. You won't have to mow it, and there are no worries about it becoming wilted or matted. Moreover, it won't attract pests or traipse mud into your home. If you are planning on laying artificial grass outside, make sure you purchase "high quality" grass. Buying top quality synthetic grass will ensure that it lasts longer. Look for a polyurethane backing that won't fade when exposed to the sunlight. Also, check that it has a UV protectant coating. If not, your synthetic grass could turn blue with exposure to the sun.

How Frequently to Mow a Lawn

There are not many people in Weybridge who enjoy mowing the lawn, and we're all guilty of postponing this job till another day. The fact is that trimming your turf regularly is vital, not merely to make it look attractive, but also to keep it healthy. So, with what frequency should we cut our grass? The frequency of mowing will be based upon the weather conditions and the time of year.

You should mow your lawn at least once a week throughout the warmer summer months (twice a week if it's growing fast), although if it's exceedingly dry, you could reduce this slightly. During the spring and autumn months, trimming your lawn every 2 weeks will be sufficient. Mowing is not generally necessary during the winter season unless the weather in Weybridge is extremely mild and your grass is showing signs of growth. Only then would it be acceptable to give it an extra trim with the mower set on a high cut. You must refrain from mowing your lawn when it's frosty or wet, as this is likely to damage to your grass and also compact the soil underneath, which can lead to other issues.

Mowing your lawn regularly will have the following benefits:

  • It prevents lawn scalping - the turf crowns grow higher in longer grass.
  • Well cropped lawns recover faster from attacks by pests and disease.
  • It makes the grass stronger and encourages new growth.
  • It boosts "mulching" - the finer trimmings are put back into the soil.
  • It discourages pests - long grass is attractive to pests.
  • It improves its visual appeal - your lawn will look better.
  • It decreases the potential for "thatching".

Lawn Feeding Weybridge

Grass is of course a living organism, and as such it needs a good supply of nutrients to maintain a healthy appearance and growth. But, with such an assortment of lawn fertiliser products available to purchase, which one should you use?

The services of an experienced Weybridge lawn maintenance contractor will include an evaluation of your earth to identify the right plan of action that needs to be carried out. Lawn fertilisation products are relatively cheap, which means that hiring a professional to help get your lawn back to tip-top condition will not leave a massive dent in your life savings. An experienced Weybridge lawn care company will also be able to provide moss and weed control solutions whilst feeding and caring for your lawn, to stimulate healthy roots and soil necessary to keeping it balanced and good looking. (Tags: Lawn Feed Services Weybridge, Lawn Feeding Weybridge, Lawn Fertilisation Weybridge, Lawn Fertiliser Weybridge).

Lawn Rolling Weybridge

In an effort to get a nice flat lawn that will impress their neighbours, plenty of garden owners in Weybridge ask about lawn rolling. If however, you are striving to make your lawn look like the local putting green or cricket field, you may well be disappointed.

The process of lawn rolling can definitely iron out some bumps and smaller imperfections, and may well improve the look of your lawn, however other issues can arise, such as compacting the soil, causing water run-off and inhibiting root growth. To get advice on whether lawn rolling is recommended for your particular lawn, you should get in touch with your local Weybridge lawn care company, and they'll quite possibly suggest spiking or coring afterwards to enable nutrients, moisture and air to penetrate the soil and keep your lawn healthy, should you choose that option.

Lawn rolling can also be beneficial when you're preparing an area for seeding, as a gentle rolling will help to guarantee even germination by pushing the seeds firmly into the soil.

While you need to understand that lawn rolling is rarely necessary, if you opt to proceed, you must only use a light roller, only do it in spring, and only on a damp lawn (never on a soaking one). (Tags: Lawn Rolling Services Weybridge, Lawn Rolling Weybridge, Rolling a Lawn Weybridge).

Lawn Scarification Weybridge

We will attempt to answer the following questions in this short section:

  • What exactly is lawn scarifying?
  • When is the perfect time to undertake scarification?
  • Is machine or hand scarifying best?
  • How can scarification benefit my lawn?
  • Why would I need to carry out scarification?

The process by which moss and thatching in your lawn are wheedled out and kept to an acceptable level by raking, is referred to as scarifying or scarification. This procedure can either be done with a specialised scarifying machine or more delicately through the use of a spring-tined rake. Some lawn care specialists in Weybridge could argue that effective scarifying can only be achieved with the appropriate mechanical equipment, and that a hand rake only removes minimal amounts of moss. While I guess this issue is still up for discussion, but in the right situation both techniques can be equally as effective.

Lawn Scarifying Weybridge (KT13)

But, why would grass need to undergo scarification? Essentially, over time, all lawns develop a layer of moss and thatch, but when this grows too thick it can hinder the successful penetration of fertiliser, air and moisture into the root system of the lawn. All or most of this moss and thatch can be removed through scarification, and the overall health of your lawn can therefore be enhanced.

If you have a lawn in Weybridge that's showing signs of moss growth, particularly in the autumn or winter, and it seems to be springy when you walk on it, it probably needs to be scarified. Spring and early summer is the perfect time for a light raking with a hand rake, and if in the autumn the problem continues, get to work with a scarifying machine. (Tags: Lawn Rakes Weybridge, Lawn Scarification Weybridge, Lawn Raking Weybridge, Lawn Scarifying Weybridge).

Some Tips on How To Get A Beautiful Lawn in Weybridge

You can get a fabulous lawn and you don't have to use harmful chemicals for it to happen. Your grass may come to be healthier if perhaps you do not use any harsh chemicals. The chemical substances not only poison the ground, but can also contaminate the water. You'll be able to avoid applying chemicals on your garden by engaging in the following advice.

The greatest weed control will be to simply pull them from the ground. Considering that many of the most commonplace are annuals, if you pull them out before they have the chance to seed, they will not grow back again. A complete root system may really need to be taken out for certain sorts of weeds. Weeds like clovers are helpful and so you shouldn't remove them. Clover supplies nitrogen to the soil making it good for keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy. It is helpful to get a soil test kit to find out what the composition of your soil is. It will be beneficial to discover the pH balance of your soil, as well as what nutrients are essential to boost the quality.

When your lawn has bald areas, re-seed using a combination of different grass varieties. Not all varieties of grass will be affected by disease, so you will increase the odds that some will survive. You do not want the grass to become heavy thatch therefore you should break it up, and try to aerate the soil. This way, the roots are able to efficiently reach the soils moisture and nutrients. Having lots of earthworms is great for aerating your lawn. If the level of thatch should get thicker than twelve millimetres, then you should have it de-thatched. If you don't do this, you may have issues with moisture, air and nutrients not getting into the soil. Thatch can be removed by raking your grass soon after you aerate it.

Considering that just a little thatch will promote the decomposition of organic matter, together with the grass clippings, it can be a benefit to the health of your lawn. You need to keep the height of the grass at 2 or 3 inches, and to stop the grass from going into "shock", only 1/3rd of the height should be cut at any one time. If you would like to prevent grass problems, you should keep your mower blades properly sharpened. Never use anything but organic fertilizers, because they not only put nutrients into the soil, but help them to stay there longer. Thatch and grass cuttings decay far better in organic fertiliser and the best of all is sheep manure.

It is best to primarily apply water when your lawn requires it, and try to get the water down to a good depth. The roots will likely be shallow and have better chance of disease and insect damage if you do not water correctly. You will have the best looking lawn in the street if you follow these steps.

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Lawn Care Tasks Weybridge (01932)

Weybridge gardeners will likely help you with regular grass cutting, lawn scarifying, commercial grass cutting, lawn seeding, lawn sprinkler services, lawn treatments, lawn scalping, lawn care packages, hedge cutting, lawn sodding in Weybridge, lawn mow services, lawn spiking, residential lawn care in Weybridge, grass laying, weekly lawn care, lawn care estimates, lawn mowing estimates, lawn care during drought, domestic grass cutting, emergency grass cutting Weybridge, lawn watering, overgrown grass cutting Weybridge, lawn aeration services, lawn care, lawn irrigation services in Weybridge, grass care, grass restoration in Weybridge, weekly lawn mowing, lawn rolling services, weed and feed Weybridge, lawn replacement, lawn edging, lawn care services and other security services in Weybridge, Surrey. Listed are just a few of the tasks that are carried out by local experts in grass cutting. Weybridge professionals will be delighted to keep you abreast of their full range of services.

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In the Surrey area you will also discover: Felbridge lawn mowing, Smallfield lawn mowing, Chipstead grass cutting services, Chipstead grass cutting, Hooley regular grass cutting, Shere grass cutting, Langley Vale grass cutting, Woldingham lawn mowing, Lower Kingswood lawn maintenance, Netherne on the Hill lawn care, Ottershaw grass cutting, Horne lawn trimming, Betchworth grass cutting services, West Clandon monthly grass cutting, Shere lawn mowing, Wood Street Village grass cutting, Churt lawn mowing services, Horsell grass cutting services, Betchworth lawn care, Lyne lawn maintenance, Peaslake lawn maintenance, Hooley lawn care, Alfold weekly grass cutting, Compton lawn trimming, Limpsfield grass cutting services, The Sands grass cutting, Badshot Lea lawn mowing, Shamley Green lawn mowing, Merrow grass cutting. Throughout Surrey you'll be able to track down grass cutting specialists who will provide you with various services for all your lawn mowing needs. If you can't identify the right lawn care specialist in Weybridge itself then you should be able to uncover one who'll be glad to help you in the near vicinity.

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Grass Cutting Around Weybridge: Grass cutting specialists were recently mowing lawns in the following Weybridge locations: St Marys, Bowater Ridge, Dovecote Close, Tower Grove, Southfield Place, Beechwood Avenue, Cedar Road, Culverden Terrace, Catherine Howard Court, Tudor Walk, South Road, Beverley Close, Baker Street, Stroudwater Park, St Georges Close, Dixon Drive, Adelaide Place, Balfour Road, Broom Way, Berkeley Court, Campbell Road, The Villiers, St Georges Avenue, Church Street, The Orchard, Burcote, Bridgeham Close, Chestnut Avenue, Dorney Grove, and in homes and business premises having these postcodes: KT13 0HN, KT13 0NR, KT13 0PU, KT13 0GL, KT12 4DF, KT13 0AF, KT13 0DB, KT13 0HG, KT13 0AB, KT13 0LQ. Work was accomplished in these locations by experts in grass cutting. Weybridge business and home owners received competent and high quality grass cutting services on each occasion.

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