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Grass Cutting Burnham-on-Sea Somerset (TA8): Regular lawn cutting is an essential task for both residential and commercial property owners in Burnham-on-Sea who have outdoor spaces, to ensure the upkeep of the grass. Although some property owners choose to tackle this task, mowing the lawn is a job that most people find to be a dreaded chore. If the task seems unmanageable to you, or you can't spare the time, there is no need to worry because there are skilled pros in Burnham-on-Sea who can take it off your hands. You can use the services of a local grass cutting company to manage this task for you.

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Whatever your budget or scenario, you should be able to find a grass cutting solution in Burnham-on-Sea that suits. Regular grass cutting packages are usually available in Burnham-on-Sea for monthly or even weekly trims, plus once only visits for those occasional lawn care emergencies. Getting the best from these types of grass cutting services in Burnham-on-Sea should mean that you will not have to worry about your lawn, since it will be in the safe hands of the experts.

Grass Cutting Burnham-on-Sea Somerset (TA8)
While asking a friend or neighbour to cut your grass may be a possibility, there are several benefits to hiring a specialist. Your lawn can be cut to the appropriate length and fertilised correctly by a specialist lawn care service, as they have the expertise and knowledge to do so. In contrast, a friend or neighbour may not possess the same level of experience or know-how, possibly resulting in harm to the grass, irregular cutting, or other problems. Furthermore, you're protected in the event of any accidents or damage, thanks to the insurance that a professional grass cutting service has. Lastly, hiring a specialist lawn care service means that you can be confident that the job will be done consistently and reliably, without having to fret about whether your neighbour or acquaintance will flake out.

You shouldn't underestimate the importance of having your grass cared for and maintained by someone who knows exactly what they are up to, which is of course the big advantage of hiring a professional lawn mowing service in Burnham-on-Sea, as opposed to a friend of a friend. Choosing to use some uninvited "gardener" who knocks on your door offering to cut your grass isn't a particularly wise decision if you are proud of your lawn.

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So, precisely what are the potential benefits of getting your grass cut frequently by a professional lawn mowing contractor in Burnham-on-Sea? - 1. All the waste and grass cuttings will be removed, saving you continual trips to the council tip. 2. Lawn treatments will be applied where needed, for instance fertilizers, weed killers and scarifying. 3. It eliminates all of the stress, burden and hassle of needing to cut your own grass. 4. It saves you time and allows you to chill out and get on with other more important things. 5. Lawn care professionals provide all the required equipment to do a good job. 6. Your grass will always look neat and well-tended, deterring burglars who specifically focus on unkempt homes. 7. It means you do not have to fork out your hard-earned cash on costly lawn cutting tools, fuel and mowers.

There is of course some cost associated with using a professional lawn mowing company in Burnham-on-Sea, but the benefits above go some way to counterbalancing this. If you select your grass cutting service carefully there are some fairly cheap lawn care contractors available in Burnham-on-Sea.

Lawn Care Burnham-on-Sea (TA8) - Lawn Maintenance

As well as simply grass cutting Burnham-on-Sea, most specialists will also be happy to offer you some extra services, in accordance with what state your lawn is in, these could include turfing, seeding, top dressing, watering, patch repairs, aeration, edging, moss removal, strimming and feeding. And, it's also good to remember that along with grass cutting in Burnham-on-Sea, the majority of lawn care experts provide an even wider variety of gardening services including digging, green waste removal, hedge trimming, leaf clearing, landscaping, planting, pruning and general garden maintenance duties in Burnham-on-Sea.

If you want your lawn to be the talk of the town, particularly if you have a broad expanse of grass, you can ask for a spiral, checkerboard or stripey pattern, or some other unique type of lawn design to make it stand out from the crowd.

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Whenever you're trying to find grass cutting companies in Burnham-on-Sea, you will be hoping to locate the best service possible. One way to accomplish this is to ask to see a few references from past customers.

It's not that unlikely that an individual you know has had lawn mowing done fairly recently, so you can friends, family and workmates for recommendations of lawn mowing services they have previously used in Burnham-on-Sea. When all is said and done, word of mouth testimonials are more widely accepted, and this comes as no big surprise, since we all like to chat about services and products with our friends and relatives. From the prospective tradesmen, see if you can get a minimum of three quotes.

If you need to access some specialist guidance and advice because you are planning to care for your own lawn, the perfect place to head for is the dedicated lawn care page of the Royal Horticulatural Society's website. Subjects like watering, caring for new lawns, lawn care treatments, over-seeding, killing moss, lawn problems, feeding and mowing are expertly addressed to help you with this job.

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Lawn Mowing Frequency

There aren't many homeowners in Burnham-on-Sea who enjoy mowing the lawn, and we're all guilty of putting this task off until a later date. Although you might suppose that you just mow your grass to make it look neat, and stop it going wild and getting out of control, it's also crucial for health reasons - a frequently trimmed lawn is a healthy lawn, but don't go overboard! So, how regularly should we mow our grass? Suggested mowing frequencies change with the different seasons and climatic conditions.

During the warm summer growing season, you should really cut your grass at least once a week (maybe even twice), although you can reduce this slightly if it's extremely dry. Trimming your lawn every fourteen days should be just about right during the spring and autumn months. Unless the weather in Burnham-on-Sea is exceptionally mild and your turf has carried on growing, mowing should not be necessary during the wintertime, and only then using a high-cut setting on the odd occasion. When it's wet or frosty, you should refrain from cutting your grass, since this will compact the soil and cause damage to your grass.

It's best to cut your grass frequently because:

  • Your lawn will look more attractive.
  • It makes the turf stronger and promotes new growth.
  • It reduces the chance of lawn scalping - the turf crowns grow upwards when the grass is long.
  • It keeps a lot of pests away - long grass is attractive to pests.
  • Well cropped lawns recover faster from attacks by disease and pests.
  • It improves "mulching" - the finer trimmings are returned to feed the soil.
  • It minimises the potential for "thatching".

Lawn Spiking

When you want to provide better aeration for your lawn, you can employ a method known as "spiking". This can enhance the circulation of moisture and air through the root zone of the turf, with various benefits. A treatment that can help your lawn to successfully get through phases of both waterlogging and dry weather, spiking will may be necessary every 2-3 years for the average lawn. There are 2 methods of spiking aeration that you could use on your lawn in Burnham-on-Sea, hollow-tine spiking and solid-tine spiking, which can both work effectively in the right circumstances.

Lawn Spiking Burnham-on-Sea Somerset

The method where an aerator, a garden fork or a lawn spiking machine is used, is called solid-tine lawn spiking, whereby holes are punched into the earth providing access for air, water and nutrients. You can even purchase spiking devices (though we've not tested these), that attach to your boots! The 2nd technique is hollow-tine aerating, where 100s or 1000s of narrow plugs are removed from the soil to generate the holes without the compacting effect of solid-tine spiking.

Different types of soil are better suited to different techniques and solid-tine spiking is better on light, sandy soils, while hollow-tine spiking is more beneficial on heavy clay soils. You will have to sweep up the soil plugs that result from a hollow-tining procedure and finish up by filling the holes lightly with an appropriate dressing. As this is a fairly intensive treatment, hollow-spike tining should only be done every 3 to 4 years, if needed.

The Benefits of Lawn Spiking/Aeration:

  • Encourages a lush, green appearance.
  • Improves root development.
  • Enhances moisture, air and nutrient movement around the root zone.
  • Stops waterlogging by enabling water to drain off more readily.
  • Helps the overseeding process, stimulating the growth of seedlings.
  • Enables maximum water penetration by reducing surface run-off.

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Hedge Trimming Burnham-on-Sea

Employing the expertise of a gardener to cut back your hedge can help keep your garden looking sharp and beautiful. Taking care of a hedge in Burnham-on-Sea can provide privacy, add a striking feature, and improve your property's value. Hiring a professional gardener to keep your hedge trimmed can be a time-saving and effort-reducing solution, while ensuring the job is done accurately and avoiding harm to the hedge or nearby plants. A skilled gardener can cut your hedge to your preferred shape and size, while also removing any diseased or dead branches, thanks to their tools and experience. In addition to trimming your hedge, a skilled gardener can provide recommendations on when to do so and offer tips for caring for it in between trims. Ultimately, enlisting a gardener to cut back your hedge is a sensible choice for those who wish to keep a lovely and healthy garden with minimal hassle.

Lawn Feeding

All lawns will benefit from a bit of fertilisation at some time during the year, with patches or irregular growth requiring special attention. But, with such a diversity of lawn fertiliser products available to purchase, which one should you use?

An analysis of your soil will be the initial step that a skilled lawn care company in Burnham-on-Sea will provide so as to establish which restoration methods and fertilisers are most suited to your lawn. Lawn fertilisation products are relatively inexpensive, which means that hiring an expert to help bring your lawn back to its former glory won't make a huge impact to your wallet. Weed and moss control, as well as soil and grass fertilisation, will be an inclusive part of any lawn maintenance plan from a knowledgeable Burnham-on-Sea lawn care specialist.

Is it OK to Cut Wet Grass?

Cutting wet grass is not usually advised due to the challenge of achieving a clean cut and the risk of clumping in your lawn mower. Also, cutting wet grass can be harmful to the grass blades, potentially causing an irregular cut and an increased risk of disease.

Taking certain precautions can help minimise damage and ensure safety when mowing a wet lawn.

  • To clear clumps of wet grass from your lawn mower, take frequent breaks.
  • To avoid cutting the grass too short, raise the height of your mower deck.
  • A sharp mower blade can be used to minimize damage to the grass blades.
  • Wear appropriate footwear, such as slip-resistant footwear, to prevent slipping on wet grass.
  • To prevent accidents, avoid mowing on wet or slippery slopes.

For the best results and to maintain the health of your lawn, it's recommended to wait until the grass has dried before mowing.

Lawn Mowers - The Different Types

  • Push Mowers
  • Power Scythes
  • Electric Mowers
  • Ride-On Lawn Mowers
  • Hover Mowers
  • Hand Scythes
  • Rotary Lawn Mowers
  • Cylinder Mowers
  • Mulching Mowers
  • Grass Strimmers
  • Cordless Mowers

Lawn Turfing Burnham-on-Sea

A popular landscaping procedure for creating a green and lush lawn is lawn turfing, which involves installing pre-grown grass rolls or patches onto a prepared soil surface. The advantages of this approach over lawn seeding include instant results, the prevention of erosion and weed control. A functional and attractive area for various activities can be created in your outdoor space by using lawn turfing, whether you're renovating an existing lawn or starting anew.

Lawn Turfing Burnham-on-Sea

A mature and finished lawn can be achieved far more quickly with lawn turfing than with seeding. Compared with seeding, which can take weeks or even months to establish, turfing offers an instantaneous transformation. Within a couple of days of installation, you can enjoy a vibrant, evenly textured lawn that improves the visual appeal of your garden. Such a quick turnaround time makes it a great option for householders who are looking for a green lawn without having to wait for weeks or months.

Turfing is also a great way to control weeds, as the pre-grown grass patches or rolls of turf are normally weed-free, ensuring that your fresh new lawn will start off weed-free. Dense grass cover prevents weed seeds from taking root by competing with them for light, water, and nutrients. This natural weed control reduces the need for herbicides, which promotes a more eco-friendly and healthy lawn.

Erosion prevention is another significant benefit of lawn turfing. The established roots of the turf stabilise the soil and prevent erosion caused by wind or water run-off. It is particularly important to consider this on sloped or hilly landscapes, where erosion can be a major issue. By choosing lawn turfing, you're not only creating an attractive lawn but also contributing to the long-term stability of your garden. (23075 Lawn Turfing Burnham-on-Sea)

Lawn Care Tasks Burnham-on-Sea

Lawn Care Tasks Burnham-on-Sea (01278)

You will soon discover that there are many jobs that the majority of gardeners will be able to take on inside and outside your house in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset and some examples are: regular lawn care, top dressing lawns Burnham-on-Sea, residential lawn mowing, lawn fertilising services, grass care, lawn patch repair, lawn replacement, domestic grass cutting in Burnham-on-Sea, moss removal from grass, lawn irrigation services, lawn treatment services, grass repair services in Burnham-on-Sea, lawn trimming in Burnham-on-Sea, routine grass cutting services, fortnightly grass cutting, lawn grass cutting Burnham-on-Sea, routine grass cutting, lawn mow services, grass pest control, diagonal grass cutting Burnham-on-Sea, overgrown grass cutting Burnham-on-Sea, grass cutting quotes, lawn maintenance, lawn scarifying, emergency grass cutting Burnham-on-Sea, lawn weed control, lawn sodding in Burnham-on-Sea, lawn flattening, hedge cutting, lawn aeration services, lawn care packages Burnham-on-Sea, weed removal, landscaping in Burnham-on-Sea, and many more ommitted in this article. These are just an example of the duties that are undertaken by local experts in grass cutting. Burnham-on-Sea specialists will be happy to tell you about their entire range of services.

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