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Grass Cutting Yeovil Somerset (BA20): If you've got a home or business premises in Yeovil that's got a lawn or grassed area, you'll have to make sure it's cut frequently, particularly throughout the spring and summertime. Whilst it is quite possible for most people to mow their own lawns, it's still an activity that many of us can't stand. You don't need to fret however, if you cannot face this job, given that there are people who will gladly take this task off your hands - in particular grass cutting services in Yeovil.

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A lot of grass cutting contractors and independent gardeners in Yeovil offer lawn mowing packages that will suit pretty much any budget or circumstances. Scheduled grass cutting plans may be available in Yeovil for weekly or even monthly cuts, plus one-off appointments for the odd lawn care emergencies. No longer needing to be concerned about your grass cutting needs is a considerable advantage of scheduling such lawn mowing services in Yeovil.

Grass Cutting Yeovil Somerset (BA20)

Householders living outside Yeovil in places such as Nether Compton, Mudford, Bradford Abbas, East Coker, Odcombe, Brympton d'Evercy, Houndstone, Preston Plucknett, Lufton, Hollands, Clifton Maybank, Trent, Barwick, Stoford, can still benefit from these lawn care and grass cutting services.

You shouldn't underestimate the importance of having your grass cared for and maintained by somebody who knows precisely what they're doing, which is the big advantage of using a specialist lawn care service in Yeovil, instead of "that chap down the road". Choosing to use some random person who knocks on your door offering to mow the grass isn't a particularly wise decision if you take pride in your lawn.

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The Potential Benefits - 1. It minimizes all of the stress, hassle and burden of needing to mow your own lawn. 2. The experts provide all of the required equipment to do a first class job. 3. It means you don't need to shell out your money on costly grass cutting tools, mowers and fuel. 4. Your lawn will at all times look well-looked-after, discouraging intruders who target unkempt homes. 5. All the waste and grass cuttings will be disposed of, saving you constant journeys to the council tip. 6. Grass treatments will be given when needed, for instance scarifying, fertilizers and weed control. 7. It saves you time and allows you to chill out and concentrate on more interesting activities.

There are of course some costs involved in enlisting a local lawn mowing company in Yeovil, but the aforementioned benefits go some way to counterbalancing this. If you take the time to pick your grass cutting service with care there are some quite affordable lawn care contractors available in Yeovil.

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Besides just grass cutting Yeovil, the pros will also be willing to provide you with some added services, depending on what state your lawn is currently in, these might include moss removal, strimming, re-turfing, edging, patch repairing, watering, aeration, top dressing, seeding and feeding. And, you shouldn't forget that combined with grass cutting in Yeovil, most lawn care companies offer an even broader variety of gardening services such as digging, leaf clearing, waste clearance, hedge cutting, landscaping, pruning, planting and general garden maintenance in Yeovil.

If you've got an area of lawn that you would like to show off to its best advantage, you could request a lawn design option whereby you finish up with a beautiful stripey, zig-zag or chequerboard pattern that will be envied by your neighbours.

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When you need to get regular grass cutting in Yeovil, it's always sensible to ask to see references from all prospective local companies, as you want your lawn to have the very best care, and favourable feedback from former customers should go some way to making sure of this

Recommendations from friends and acquaintances are regarded as the most credible resource when it comes to selecting tradespeople and services, so if you know somebody who has had grass cutting undertaken recently you can ask for their input. Favourable word of mouth endorsements are preferred by most people in Yeovil (over 80% according to research), therefore if you know of a friend or a member of your family who has had grass cutting done, ask if they are prepared to recommend someone. Even when a particular lawn mowing specialist has been recommended, you still ought to obtain at least three or four job quotes from various tradesmen in the area, to give you a broad range of prices.

If you need some specialist advice because you're planning on caring for your own lawn, the perfect place to go to is the dedicated lawn care page of the Royal Horticulatural Society's website. Topics such as mowing, watering, lawn problems, over-seeding, feeding, looking after new lawns, lawn care treatments and killing moss are skillfully covered to help you.

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It's possible to get grass cutting in Yeovil, in the neighbouring areas of Nether Compton, Mudford, Bradford Abbas, East Coker, Odcombe, Brympton d'Evercy, Houndstone, Preston Plucknett, Lufton, Hollands, Clifton Maybank, Trent, Barwick, Stoford and in any of these postcodes: BA20 1NH, BA20 1QG, BA20 1LY, BA20 1EG, BA20 1DP, BA20 1UU, BA20 1AQ, BA20 1UB, BA20 1AA, BA20 1UJ. Locally based lawn mowing professionals will most likely have the postcode BA20 and the phone code 01935.

Lawn Edging Yeovil

Lawn Edging Yeovil (01935)

Lawn edging is very useful for creating a physical barrier between your grassed areas and pathways, driveway or flower beds to keep it looking clean and tidy. Edging helps to keep earth, mulch and stones from overflowing onto your lawn, and also stops the grassed area from growing into your driveway or flower beds.

Landscape and lawn edging can be bought in a whole host of materials to complement your garden layout and style. Brick or concrete edging defines the perimeter between a pathway or drive, steel creates a durable, modern finish and wooden edging brings a more natural edge to a garden. Each material has a specific installation procedure, and although it may be within the capabilities of a proficient do-it-yourself person to fit lawn edging, for durability and getting the perfect look to your edging, it is best to use a lawn edging professional in Yeovil to design and install it. (Tags: Lawn Edging Experts Yeovil, Lawn Edging Tips Yeovil, Lawn Edgings Yeovil, Lawn Edging Yeovil).

Lawn Mowing - How Regularly Should I Do It?

There aren't that many property owners in Yeovil who enjoy mowing the lawn, and we're all guilty of postponing this task till another day. Even though you may believe that you just mow your lawn to make it look nice, and stop it going wild and getting out of control, it is also essential for health reasons - a lawn that is trimmed frequently is a healthy lawn, but don't overdo it! So, when and how often should we mow our lawns? Recommended mowing frequencies change with the time of year and the varying weather conditions.

Mowing a lawn at least once weekly is suggested during the warm summer growing season (escalating to twice per week in rapidly growing periods), but when it's particularly dry and hot this should be reduced. Mowing your lawns every 2 weeks should be about right during the spring and autumn seasons. During the wintertime your lawns shouldn't need mowing at all, unless it is extremely mild in Yeovil and your grass has continued to grow. In which case the odd trim with the mower set high might be in order. You shouldn't mow grass when it is wet or frosty, as this can compress the soil underneath and damage the grass.

It's best to cut your grass frequently because:

  • It stops lawn scalping - the crowns of the turf grow higher when the grass is long.
  • Well maintained lawns recover faster from attacks by diseases and pests.
  • It decreases the potential for "thatching".
  • It discourages harmful pests - long grass is attractive to pests.
  • It enhances its visual appearance - your lawn will look better.
  • It improves "mulching" - less grass gets removed each time and smaller grass clippings are put back into the soil.
  • It makes the turf stronger and stimulates new growth.

Lawn Scarification Yeovil

This section will cover the following questions:

  • When should scarifying be done?
  • What benefits are gained by scarification?
  • Is it best to use machine or hand scarifying?
  • Why would scarifying be needed on my grass?
  • What is scarification?

The procedure by which moss and thatching in your lawn are wheedled out and kept to a satisfactory level by raking, is often known as scarification. This can either be carried out through the use of a hand-held rake (spring-tined), or a specialised scarifying machine called a scarifier. You may find that opinions differ with regards to this process, and some lawn care specialists in Yeovil will consider that hand-held raking is not actually scarification, but purely moss removal, and the correct effect can only be accomplished with an appropriate mechanical scarifier. However, both methods can be equally effective in the right situation, and it's just a case of "horses for courses" in our opinion.

Lawn Scarifying Yeovil (BA20)

But, why would scarifying be necessary? Basically, a layer of thatch and moss forms naturally on every lawn, however when it gets too dense it can become a barrier to fertiliser, moisture and oxygen, which are prevented from effectively penetrating into the grass roots. The overall health of your lawn can be improved by removing most of this moss and thatch, and this can be accomplished by scarifying.

If your lawn in Yeovil gives the sensation of being spongy or bouncy when you walk on it, and shows obvious signs of moss growth in the autumn or winter, it's pretty likely that raking or scarification will be required at some point. The arrival of spring heralds the perfect time for a gentle raking with a handheld rake, and if in the autumn the problem continues, bring out the big guns in the form of a scarifying machine. (Tags: Lawn Raking Yeovil, Lawn Dethatching Yeovil, Lawn Scarifying Yeovil, Lawn Scarification Yeovil).

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With grass cutting, as with basically any other kind of service, it's always better to get 2 or 3 estimates before you eventually decide on a lawn mowing service in Yeovil to take care of your precious lawn. The prices for grass cutting in Yeovil will vary from company to company, however will of course also depend upon the size of your lawn and the condition of the grass that's got to be mowed. You will be able to make an informed choice about the perfect one for your garden, once you have some price quotes from potential grass cutting services in Yeovil. (Tags: Lawn Care Prices Yeovil, Grass Cutting Quotes Yeovil, Lawn Mowing Prices Yeovil)

Mulch Mowing Yeovil

It can be pretty frustrating when your next door neighbours in Yeovil seem to have a lawn that's always green, lush and healthy, though you never actually see them raking or blowing away the grass trimmings. If this is something that you've spotted, then there is a fair chance that they're using mulch mowing or some similar procedure. A technique for finely cutting up the clippings and returning them back to the soil, mulch mowing is becoming an increasingly popular lawn care system with many home gardeners in Yeovil.

The advantages of mulch mowing include:

  • Avoiding the need to continually stop the mower and dispose of the grass clippings.
  • Minimising the amount of green waste going to council dumps and landfill.
  • Feeding the lawn by returning nutrients to the soil.
  • Reducing the time that it takes you to mow the lawn.
  • Lowering the loss of moisture during the hot summer months.

Specialist mulching lawn mowers are readily available for completing this procedure, and these certainly give the optimum results, although you can obtain attachments for regular lawn mowers if you cannot justify the cost of the proper gear. What you actually need is a decent mulch mower that efficiently cuts the grass clippings into very small pieces, and doesn't get clogged up or blocked in the process. The ideal mulching lawn mowers provide the ability to switch between mulching and normal bagging, because you won't want to use the mulching function at all times of the year and on every cut. You can obtain mulching mowers in all of the common power modes, therefore battery, mains electric and petrol-driven mowers are all available.

Because with mulching, you do not reduce the length of the grass by that much, a battery-powered mower will probably be adequate for most small residential lawns in Yeovil. For more substantial grassed areas a petrol-driven or mains electric mower would possibly be more effective. You can ask your Yeovil gardener or grass cutting specialist whether they've got the necessary equipment for mulch mowing, if you want to try this technique out on your lawn. (Tags: Mulch Mowing Benefits, Lawn Mulching Yeovil, Mulching Mowers Yeovil, Mulch Mowing Yeovil).

Lawn Fertilising Yeovil

Grass is of course a living organism, and consequently it needs a good supply of nutrients to maintain a healthy appearance and growth. But, with so many kinds of lawn fertiliser products available to buy, which one should you choose?

The services of an established Yeovil lawn care specialist will include an examination of your earth to identify the correct plan of action that needs to be undertaken. Lawn treatments and products are inexpensive in comparison to relaying, or having to returf a lawn that has been left to its own devices for a long time. The feeding and maintenance of your lawn by a knowledgeable Yeovil lawn maintenance specialist will include measures to manage weeds and moss to keep your lawn in a good and healthy condition.

Lawn Care Tasks Yeovil

Lawn Care Tasks Yeovil (01935)

If you pick out your Yeovil lawn care company wisely they will have the necessary skills to assist you with lawn designs, commercial grass cutting in Yeovil, grass cutting packages, lawn flattening, lawn treatments, lawn mowing quotes, turfing services, lawn care packages in Yeovil, landscaping in Yeovil, grass cutting quotes, grass cutting services Yeovil, grass cutting, lawn care during drought in Yeovil, lawn overseeding in Yeovil, lawn mow services Yeovil, lawn care, lawn watering, lawn aeration, lawn pest control, lawn sodding in Yeovil, routine lawn mowing, moss removal, residential lawn mowing Yeovil, lawn re-turfing, lawn care services and numerous other security services in Yeovil.

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To order lawn edging, grass seed, strimmers, fertilizers, grass trimmers, lawn weed & feed, hosepipes and lawn mowers, and lots of other lawn care accessories click here. To read a useful article about best lawn care tips check this out. To find out more about common lawn diseases and their causes, go here To check out the latest on lawns on social media websites, check this out. Head over to Wikipedia to find more information regarding lawns. Watch a You Tube video on spring lawn care techniques here.

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Around Somerset you will also find: Farmborough grass cutting, Banwell lawn trimming, Portbury lawn care, Ilminster lawn mowing, Cameley grass cutting, Milverton lawn trimming, Saltford lawn trimming, Langport grass cutting, Whitchurch lawn trimming, Hutton grass cutting, Cheddon Fitzpaine lawn mowing, Kewstoke grass cutting, Street grass cutting, Stoke St Gregory lawn trimming, Blagdon lawn maintenance, Peasedown St John lawn mowing, Abbots Leigh lawn mowing, Sandford lawn mowing, Axbridge grass cutting, Old Cleeve lawn maintenance, Easton in Gordano lawn mowing, Norton Fitzwarren lawn care, Keinton Mandeville lawn mowing, Stoke St Gregory grass cutting, Cameley lawn maintenance, West Coker lawn trimming, Blagdon lawn care, Ruishton lawn trimming, Pawlett lawn care, Radstock lawn trimming. Throughout Somerset you should be able to find grass cutting specialists who will offer you high quality services for your lawn mowing needs. If you can't find the right lawn care specialist in Yeovil itself then you should have no problem uncovering one who'll be happy to help you in the near vicinity.

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Grass Cutting Near Yeovil: Also find: Stoford lawn mowing, Lufton lawn mowing, Barwick lawn mowing, Brympton d'Evercy lawn mowing, Preston Plucknett lawn mowing, Trent lawn mowing, Bradford Abbas lawn mowing, Houndstone lawn mowing, Mudford lawn mowing, Nether Compton lawn mowing, Odcombe lawn mowing, Hollands lawn mowing, Clifton Maybank lawn mowing, East Coker garden services and more.

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