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Grass Cutting Aylesford Kent (ME20): Both commercial and residential property owners with outside space in Aylesford need to make sure that any areas of grass or lawn are mowed routinely. This is a task that most folks moan about, even so there are still lots of householders who choose to tackle this themselves. You needn't fret however, if you cannot cope with this job, because there are people out there who will gladly take this job off your hands - to be precise grass cutting services in Aylesford.

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Grass cutting packages to suit just about any budget or circumstances are offered by a number of lawn mowing companies and gardeners in Aylesford. These types of lawn care plans can range from weekly or monthly cuts to one-off grass cutting services in Aylesford. Being confident that your beloved grass is in the hands of the experts is one of the main advantages of such lawn mowing services in Aylesford.

Grass Cutting Aylesford Kent (ME20)

Property owners based in Ditton, Burham, Penenden Heath, Mill Street, Quarry Wood, Birling, Eccles, West Malling, Sandling, Leybourne, Allington, Barming, Boxley, Larkfield, East Malling, Snodland, Maidstone, New Hythe, or other areas outside of Aylesford can also access these grass cutting and lawn care services, and take full advantage of the help they offer.

Having the confidence that your lawn is being well looked after is among the principal advantages of using a professional grass cutting service in Aylesford. You may have had the experience of some random person showing up on your doorstep with an offer to cut your grass - but if you take pleasure in your lawn, taking them up on that offer is certainly not the best idea.

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So, exactly what are the primary benefits associated with getting your lawn mowed regularly by a professional grass cutting contractor in Aylesford? - 1. Your lawn will always look neat and tidy, acting as a deterrent to intruders who specifically focus on unkempt homes. 2. Lawn treatments will be given when needed, for example fertilizers, scarifying and weed control. 3. It saves you time and enables you to relax and concentrate on other things. 4. All of the waste and grass cuttings will be taken away, saving you continual journeys to the rubbish tip. 5. Lawn care professionals in Aylesford provide all the necessary equipment to do a thorough job. 6. It removes all the burden, stress and hassle of needing to cut your own grass. 7. It saves you forking out money on expensive mowers, fuel and grass cutting tools.

Needless to say, there are costs involved with enlisting the help of a professional Aylesford grass cutting company, however these are somewhat offset by the aforementioned benefits. If you choose your lawn care company cautiously there are some reasonably cheap grass cutting services available in Aylesford.

Lawn Care Aylesford (ME20) - Lawn Maintenance

In accordance with the state of your lawn most professionals can offer you a whole host of added lawn care services besides simply grass cutting Aylesford, including feeding, moss removal, edging, patch repairing, aerating, seeding, top dressing, watering, strimming and turfing. More garden maintenance services like digging, hedge trimming, leaf clearing, landscaping, planting, waste clearance and pruning, are offered by many lawn care professionals in Aylesford.

If you would like your lawn to be envied by your neighbours, especially if you've got a wide area of grass, you can ask to have a spiral, stripey or checkerboard pattern, or some other bespoke type of lawn design to make sure it stands out.

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Whenever you're searching for grass cutting companies in Aylesford, you'll be hoping to locate the very best service possible. One way to achieve this is to ask to see a few references from past clientele.

It's frequently recommendations from friends or associates for a certain company or individual that can be the best sources for grass cutting possibilities in Aylesford. Research has indicated that approximately eighty per cent of homeowners in Aylesford who are looking for a tradesman, favour a word of mouth recommendation above any kind of endorsement. You'll want to obtain a minimum of three estimates from your shortlist of prospective contractors in Aylesford.

The Royal Horticultural Society website is the spot to head for if you're planning to care for your own lawn and need expert help and advice in order to carry out the job correctly. Their dedicated lawn care webpage includes topics such as mowing, watering, over-seeding, looking after new lawns, feeding, killing moss, lawn problems and lawn care treatments.

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It's possible to get grass cutting in Aylesford, in the neighbouring areas of Ditton, Burham, Penenden Heath, Mill Street, Quarry Wood, Birling, Eccles, West Malling, Sandling, Leybourne, Allington, Barming, Boxley, Larkfield, East Malling, Snodland, Maidstone, New Hythe and in any of these postcodes: ME20 7ED, ME20 7XE, ME20 7AY, ME20 7PP, ME20 7GB, ME20 7DF, ME20 7JL, ME20 7BN, ME20 7FF, ME20 7RW. Locally based lawn mowing professionals will probably have have the postcode ME20 and the telephone dialling code 01622.

Mulch Mowing Aylesford

If your neighbours in Aylesford seem to always have a lawn that looks green and verdant, although they never seem to blow away or rake the clippings, in all probability they're practising mulch mowing on their lawn. A process for finely chopping up the clippings and returning them back to the soil, mulch mowing is becoming an ever more popular system of lawn care with many home gardeners in Aylesford.

The positive aspects of mulch mowing include:

  • Feeding the lawn by returning valuable nutrients to the soil.
  • Minimising the amount of green waste going to landfill and council tips.
  • Lessening the loss of moisture during periods of hot, dry weather.
  • Bypassing the need for constantly emptying the mower and disposing of the grass trimmings.
  • Reducing the time spent mowing the lawn.

The best results for this procedure are obtained by using a specialised mulching lawn mower, although it is possible to purchase "mulching" attachments to fit onto ordinary lawn mowers. What you really need is a decent mulching mower that efficiently cuts the clippings into teeny pieces, and doesn't get blocked or clog up in the process. As you won't need the mulching function all of the time, you should acquire a lawn mower that can change easily between mulching and normal bagging functions as needed. Mulching mowers can be purchased in all the usual power alternatives, therefore whether you are looking for a battery-powered mower, a corded electric mower or a petrol-driven mower, you shouldn't have any issues finding one to suit.

A battery-operated model will probably be satisfactory for smaller residential lawns in Aylesford, as with mulching you do not lower the height of the grass by all that much. If the lawn involved is a larger residential or commercial one, a better result will be accomplished by using a corded electric or petrol model. You can ask your Aylesford gardener or lawn mowing specialist whether they've got the facility for mulch mowing, if you want to test out method out on your lawn. (Tags: Mulch Mowing Aylesford, Mulching Lawn Mowers Aylesford, Mulch Mowing Benefits, Lawn Mulching Aylesford).

Overseeding Aylesford

A crucial part of your routine lawn maintenance, overseeding is best performed in the spring or autumn when climatic conditions should enable seeds to germinate in between 1 and 3 weeks providing that the temperature remains above 13°C. Overseeding your grass lawn in Aylesford could have a number of benefits including things like: increasing resistance to diseases, reduced erosion, encouraging new growth in bare patches and worn areas, enhancing the vibrancy of your grass, making your grass more dense and hindering the growth of moss and weeds.

It's important that you pick your seed wisely, and choose a seed that is suited to the conditions in the location you're overseeding. For areas that are often shaded you'll want to use a shade-loving species such as creeping fescue, and for areas that endure lots of footfall it is best to use a seed mixture which includes ryegrass.

Before you forge ahead with overseeding you will want to rake out any excess moss and thatch and break up the surface a little. You'll then be able to sow your seed at a rate of about ½oz per square metre, or about half of what is advised on the package. The grass seed can then be gently integrated into the soil with a rake. A sprinkler can then be employed to water the lawn, and again after a couple of days if there has been no rain. If there's a problem with birds, you can cover it with a suitable net.

Lawn Care Prices Aylesford

With lawn mowing, as with almost any other service in Kent, it's sensible to get 2 or 3 estimates before you finally pick out a grass cutting service in Aylesford to take care of your lawn. One or two things might impact on the costs for lawn mowing in Aylesford, including the location and size of your lawn and the area of grass that has to be mowed. Grass cutting rates might also vary from company to company, and sometimes fluctuate with petrol prices. You'll be in a position to choose the ideal one for you, as soon as you've got some estimates from potential grass cutting contractors in Aylesford. However, it is still vital that you check their reviews, and don't forget that cheapest is not always best in the end.

Lawn Mowing - How Frequently Should It Be Done?

When push comes to shove, how many people in Aylesford truly enjoy cutting their grass? Not many, I'd imagine. There is little doubt that we are all guilty of postponing this task, and that's why hiring a gardener is such an attractive proposition. The reality is that mowing your grass frequently is essential, not simply to make it look attractive, but also to maintain the health of your lawn. So, when and how often should we cut our grass? Advised mowing frequencies change with the different seasons and climatic conditions.

Throughout the warm summer season, you should really mow your lawn at least once a week (possibly even twice weekly), though you can reduce this slightly if it is exceptionally dry. During the spring and autumn months, trimming your lawns every two weeks will be about right. Except when the weather conditions in Aylesford are exceptionally mild and your grass has kept growing, you should not mow your lawn during the wintertime, and only then using a high-cut setting on the odd occasion. You must never mow your lawn when it is wet or frosty, as this will compress the soil and damage the grass.

Frequent mowing provides the following benefits:

  • It enhances its visual appeal - your lawn will look tidier.
  • Well cropped lawns recover faster from attacks by pests and disease.
  • It decreases the potential for "thatching".
  • It keeps many pests away - long grass attracts more pests.
  • It reduces the chance of lawn scalping - the crowns of the turf grow higher when the grass is long.
  • It makes the turf stronger and stimulates fresh growth.
  • It boosts "mulching" - the finer trimmings are returned to nourish the soil.

Lawn Feeding Aylesford

All grass lawns need a bit of fertilisation at some time during the year, with patches or irregular growth requiring special attention. But which fertiliser is most suitable for the grass and soil on your property?

A competent lawn care specialist in Aylesford will be happy to test the chemical structure of your soil and verify the perfect procedure to return your lawn to peak condition. Lawn treatments and related products are not expensive when compared to relaying, or having to returf a lawn that's taken a turn for the worse. The feeding and care of your lawn by a knowledgeable Aylesford lawn maintenance company will include treatments to manage moss and weeds to keep your lawn healthy and looking great. (Tags: Lawn Fertilisation Aylesford, Lawn Fertiliser Aylesford, Lawn Feeding Aylesford, Lawn Feed Services Aylesford).

Lawn Mowers - The Different Types

  • Push Lawn Mowers
  • Electric Lawn Mowers
  • Hand Scythes
  • Hover Lawn Mowers
  • Ride-On Mowers
  • Rotary Lawn Mowers
  • Mulching Mowers
  • Cylinder Mowers
  • Power Scythes
  • Lawn Strimmers
  • Cordless Mowers

Lawn Scarification Aylesford

We will attempt to answer the following questions in this short section:

  • When should scarification be done?
  • How can scarification benefit my lawn?
  • Precisely what is scarification?
  • Is it better to use machine or hand scarifying?
  • Why would I need to do scarifying?

The act of raking a lawn to clear away excess moss and thatching is often called scarifying or scarification, and can be very beneficial. This can be done by either using a hand-held rake (preferably spring-tined), or a specialised scarifying machine called a scarifier. If you quiz various lawn care professionals in Aylesford about scarifying, you may discover that viewpoints differ. Some will claim that "proper" scarifying can only be accomplished with a machine scarifier and not by using a handheld rake, which merely removes modest amounts of moss and doesn't have the necessary effect. While I guess this topic is still up for discussion, but in the right situation both solutions can be equally as effective.

Lawn Scarifying Aylesford (ME20)

But, for what reason would you scarify a lawn? The fact is that it is completely natural for a layer of moss and thatching to form on a lawn, however it can impede the penetration of oxygen, fertiliser and water to the root system of the lawn if it becomes too dense. The overall health of your lawn can be improved by removing most of this thatch and moss, and this can be accomplished by scarifying.

If your lawn in Aylesford seems to be bouncy underfoot, and shows obvious signs of moss growth during the autumn or winter time, it is likely that raking or scarification will be needed at some point. Spring is the perfect time for a gentle raking with a hand rake, and if in the autumn the issue persists, roll out the heavy guns in the shape of a mechanical scarifier. (Tags: Lawn Scarifying Aylesford, Lawn Raking Aylesford, Lawn Rakes Aylesford, Lawn Scarification Aylesford).

Lawn Care Information, Advice and Social Media

Lawn Care Information

To learn about lawn care tips and advice click here. If you'd like to find out more about common lawn diseases and what causes them, go here Wikipedia is a great place to go to if you wish to find out more about lawns, their page discusses the English lawn, the alternatives to grass, the origins of lawns, mowing & other maintenance activities, the uses of lawns, types of lawn plants, lawn care & maintenance and fertilizers & chemicals. To see what's trending on social websites, check this out. To order grass seed, grass trimmers, lawn feed, lawn edging, hoses, strimmers, lawn mowers and fertilizers, and a host of other lawn care accessories click here. Get suggestions about the key summer lawn care mistakes on YouTube here.

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